BLACK PANTHER Official Trailer (2018) Marvel Superhero Blockbuster Movie HD

BLACK PANTHER Official Trailer (2018) Marvel Superhero Blockbuster Movie HD

BLACK PANTHER Official Trailer (2018) Marvel Superhero Blockbuster Movie HD
© 2017 – Marvel

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Video Rating: / 5


  • Sarcasam 3 months ago

    'Marvel Fanverse' Telegram Group.

  • Bizzarre Panic 3 months ago

    Oh my God I can't breath!!!!!!!.

  • Jamal Tokelau 3 months ago

    Storm or nahh?

  • Kris 3 months ago

    Omg I have to watch this

  • brandon schultz 3 months ago

    This movie is going to be amazing and not just cause it has a large cast of black people, but because if marvel does it right the people of wokanda and their warrior culture will be crazy good, and the panthers character will develop more as a leader and a hero

  • Mua Mu 3 months ago

    rihanna is that you?

  • Shane Archibald 3 months ago

    Can't wait.

  • Josh B 3 months ago

    Gtfo with the racist shit, movie looks lit!

  • R0YALT1 3 months ago

    If any movie is at risk of being a complete sjw crap show, it's this one. I pray this is not the case.

  • Roger Smith 3 months ago

    black panther is a nigger and should be sold into superhero slavery. He can't be trusted to think on his own.

  • Amoy Smith 3 months ago

    look so damn good. thank God for a movie that depict some aspect of African culture. i cant wait for it

  • Kezia-Priscilla Valentine 3 months ago

    Finally a marvel film with all black people

  • Vanessa Frogge 3 months ago

    it's hard for a good man to be a killer…

    but they were, already, dead.

  • Layla Hassan 3 months ago

    Black panther suit looks kinda kinky!

  • zvonik oneisom 3 months ago

    Big fan been fucking waiting for them to make a movie wonder who is the black panther

  • Yukiko Sanada 3 months ago

    finally a movie with andy serkis.

  • 0955interactive 3 months ago

    Spoiler alert, black dude gonna die.

  • vijay Thamizh 3 months ago

    Ok Mr. Panther has a vibraranium suit and so he is indestructible but what gave him superhuman strength? Does anybody around here know that??
    But I like the trailer 👍

  • MR CHICKEN 3 months ago

    So many marvel movies

  • Real Onyx 3 months ago

    Why does this shit look so futuristic? I thought it was a "Third world country" ? Marvel don't fuck up now. Don't make this shit look like infinite warfare.


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