VOLDEMORT Official Trailer (2017) Origins Of The Heir, Harry Potter New Movie HD

VOLDEMORT Official Trailer (2017) Origins Of The Heir, Harry Potter New Movie HD
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  • Infamous Bear 3 weeks ago

    I saw about this in a movie commentary section off of a website, says there that THIS fan-made movie may come out in theaters-saying there that Warner Bros. and Rowling actually loved the idea of a Voldemort movie-may or may not-this movie will go out as an official WB franchise-we dont know for sure-in few years time, maybe this movie would go out, and better than The Curse Child

  • caleb salazar 3 weeks ago

    This needs to actually be made into a real movie!!!

  • Willow Panics at Chemical Pilots 3 weeks ago

    Please dont say that its an 'Official new movie' Its really annoying.

  • Keagan Hill 3 weeks ago

    I feel that one chick will end up turning evil but who knows right?(if this is even real)

  • Pedro Benites 3 weeks ago

    Que bosta! E se os merdinhas que não entendem português não entenderam… WHAT A SHIT!!!!!!!!

  • Caphriel 3 weeks ago

    What about a movie that's NOT about gryffindor, but like hufflepuff?

  • michael kennedy 3 weeks ago

    i have a feeling she's not going to do too well stopping him…

  • abdulmohsen almilli 3 weeks ago

    I'll try to admire the effort as hard as l can, but can we please get a real, canonical Harry Potter movie?

  • TheSha n 3 weeks ago

    We want old Harry potter

  • eljolto 3 weeks ago


  • DANA SAEED 3 weeks ago

    Was that real?

  • Lars2Lars9Lars 3 weeks ago

    This is just another overrated fanfiction.

  • Da Bomb 3 weeks ago

    Damnit I got excited.

  • onderbaba30 3 weeks ago

    filim orginal deyil , fan lar yapmiş deniyor ama aslinda italyan filim sirketi var arkasinda .

  • Nick M 3 weeks ago

    Should have focused on voldemort and dumbledore, super annoying to give Gryffindor the spotlight again. Also I dont think every houses heir should be alive, pretty boring

  • Brains4Brekkie Is Not Okay 3 weeks ago


    If she's related to Cormac I'm rioting

  • Stark video Productions 3 weeks ago

    Again focus to female Main character stupid way

  • VERSA VERSJ 3 weeks ago

    the new harry potter movie will never be the same if daniel radcliffe and other old actors doesnt joint act in this film…

  • LBIIdanybcn 3 weeks ago

    "a New Harry Potter movie" without Harry? Fuck off

  • Jayden Weber 3 weeks ago

    solar pretend need please well canvas manufacturing back person limit


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