ALPHA – Official Trailer (HD)

ALPHA - Official Trailer (HD)

Leaders are born from survival. #AlphaMovie – experience it in IMAX® and 3D. Coming Soon.

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An epic adventure set in the last Ice Age. Europe, 20,000 years ago. While on his first hunt with his tribe’s most elite group, a young man is injured and left for dead. Awakening to find himself broken and alone — he must learn to survive and navigate the harsh and unforgiving wilderness. Reluctantly taming a lone wolf abandoned by its pack, the pair learn to rely on each other and become unlikely allies, enduring countless dangers and overwhelming odds in order to find their way home before the deadly winter arrives.

Directed By: Albert Hughes
Video Rating: / 5


  • tomatoandpotato 3 months ago

    This is amazing. Although the scientific hypothesis is quite different from this one on how we had dogs as our companion. Of course for the sake of cinema, there needs to be one turning point, to make it dramatic.

  • Eric Masters 3 months ago

    Wen will be available to download ?

  • Vern Hestand III 3 months ago

    Why… OH WHY? MUST all new trailers ruin themselves by playing the best parts in a pointless 10-second trailer before the trailer begins? Better yet. WHY doesn't anyone see how stupid this is? The trailer editors have an understanding of dramatic build. Does NO ONE else understand this?

  • Muffin the Snek 3 months ago

    0:41 1:12 1:35 1:38 1:49 2:09 H O L Y S H I T I S T H A T A F A R C R Y P R I M A L R E F E R E N C E ? ? ?

  • Timo Mendo 3 months ago

    Looks like a fantastic movie!!! I'll be seeing this one!

  • Samuel Sagar 3 months ago

    life of pie 2000 years ago

  • Aaron Sanroe 3 months ago


  • jOHNIE TOR 3 months ago

    my husky name is alpha gonna watch this with ma dogie

  • çağlar Alptekin 3 months ago

    i want intro theme.

  • DC Comics are the best 3 months ago

    Some people spend their lives poking holes instead of enjoying the ride.

  • Sam the Stuntman 3 months ago

    Something almost new

  • Yaksha 3 months ago

    I feel already that i'm going to cry at the end when the wolf dies.

  • Rami Al-Omari 3 months ago


  • Surigen 12 3 months ago

    Can you stop doing movies this stupid and naive yet? I mean, I strongly doubt a 18,000 BC human being looked like a fucking white american teenager for fucks sake. Not to mention the other guys… And their clothes: SERIOUSLY?? Look at their jackets! They look so modern, so perfectly and finely crafted. I mean, look at them 0:31: if I found a jacket like that with fucking fur-bordered HOODS, I would buy it!

  • DaBomb from Guam 3 months ago

    Sony is trying to create good movies, did Barry screw up the timeline again?

  • Bhimkant Jaisi 3 months ago


  • glearful 3 months ago

    looks meh 8/10 would watch just because there are puppies

  • John Stud 3 months ago

    200,000yrs ago there was probably no one with that light skin complexion and they looked more primitive. 👌

  • Tomduff24 3 months ago

    20,000 years ago…they spoke…English?!

  • bunnyfreakz 3 months ago

    Doggo and Hooman ancestors


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